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Assessing the impact of wind energy on biodiversity

With a view to their large-scale deployment, French Foundation for Biodiversity Research (FRB) and Mirova Foundation are launching a joint call for projects to support five research projects to assess the effects of offshore and onshore wind farms on biodiversity.


To address the climate challenge, renewable energies will undergo considerable development over the next few years. However, while they are a relevant solution for limiting greenhouse gas emissions, they also have negative impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems. The effects vary depending on the environmental context and the sector, but they need to be assessed in order to reconcile public policies to combat global warming with the fight against the collapse of biodiversity. The challenge is therefore to mobilise research to better predict the consequences of the deployment of renewable energy infrastructures on biodiversity and reduce their future impact.


French Foundation for Biodiversity Research (FRB) was created in 2008 and brings together public research bodies, environmental protection associations, managers of biological areas and resources, and businesses. It provides a bridge between science and society, focusing on the challenges facing biodiversity research.

Mirova Foundation has joined forces with FRB to fund five research projects. The aim of this call for projects is to improve knowledge of the impacts of onshore and offshore wind energy production infrastructures on biodiversity, in particular their quantification, avoidance, reduction and compensation solutions, and to draw up operational recommendations for stakeholders in the wind energy sector in order to promote better development and operating practices, and to adapt existing practices in order to reduce these impacts on biodiversity.

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Our support

  • Multi-year partnership over three years (2022-2025) 
  • Financial support  
  • Skills sponsorship with a Mirova employee from the Research team specialising in energy transition issues

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