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Promoting the economic autonomy of women around the world

Mirova Foundation and UN Women France are joining forces to roll out programmes to promote women's economic autonomy around the world, and to carry out advocacy and awareness-raising activities and raise funds from the public.


Numerous studies show that the greater the role accorded to women, the more society tends towards increased, inclusive and sustainable economic growth.
Yet the fact remains: all too often, women are disproportionately affected by discrimination, insecurity, violence, exploitation and an unbalanced domestic burden. Only a minority hold positions of responsibility, have access to political leadership or even economic independence. In response to these challenges, UN Women France is committed, in support of UN Women, to fighting for the rights of women and girls throughout the world.


Since 2013, UN Women France has been providing support in France to UN Women, the United Nations agency for gender equality and the empowerment of women.

UN Women France supports the programmes run by UN Women to ensure that women, particularly the poorest, are able to obtain decent jobs that will enable them to be independent and have a say in society. Carried out in partnership with local organisations, these programmes are aimed primarily at the most marginalised, low-skilled women, who often come from rural areas or are immigrants. The aim is to give these women access to better incomes and economic resources, and to secure their situation to protect them from violence.

UN Women France also carries out awareness-raising campaigns, lobbying and fundraising activities aimed at the general public. In 2020, for example, it launched the Génération Égalité Voices festival, which encourages a wide range of actors to get involved and propose ambitious projects supporting gender equality.

A partnership that has been strengthened through our three-year support for the Leave No Woman Behind field program: Acting against violence and for the empowerment of women. The project focuses on women’s economic empowerment through climate-resilient agriculture in Senegal. More than 2,500 women in the lucrative sectors of agriculture and the green economy will benefit from this program. Women’s empowerment programs in West Africa, have been set up for four years by UN Women, through the development of resilient agriculture.

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Our support

  • Multi-year partnership over 3 years  
  • Financial support (structural costs, campaigns and field project)  
  • Skills sponsorship with employees of Mirova’s Women Leaders and Diversity fund

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