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Removing barriers to employment for the most disadvantaged groups

La Cravate Solidaire offers HR and image coaching sessions to people undergoing reintegration, to help them regain their self-confidence and succeed at job interviews. These "Coup de Pouce" workshops, held in the association's twelve regional branches, will be extended to four new areas by 2025 with the support of Mirova Foundation.


As the first contact between a candidate and a recruiter, the job interview is the scene of a great deal of discrimination. This is particularly true for people undergoing reintegration, who need special support to navigate this fundamental stage in their return to employment. Gaining confidence, presenting a ‘professional’ image (including appearance) and mastering the verbal and non-verbal conventions of the job interview are key factors for success. In today’s worsening health and social crisis – 50% of the project’s target groups have no income and 40% live on less than €1,000 a month – there is an ever-increasing demand for support. Removing the barriers to employment for the most disadvantaged is therefore a collective priority.


Created in 2012, La Cravate Solidaire promotes equal opportunities and professional integration for the most disadvantaged groups by combating hiring discrimination. La Cravate Solidaire operates in 14 towns and cities, where it organises ‘Coup de Pouce’ workshops for its participants and provides them with ‘solidarity wardrobes’. The programme includes image and human resources coaching, a mock job interview and the donation of professional clothing collected from private individuals, employees and textile companies. The session ends with the taking of a professional portrait photo. Job candidates in France need a photo for their résumé and for professional networks, and having this professional photo can have the added benefit of helping boost participants’ self-esteem.

Mobile ‘Coup de Pouce’ workshops are also organised in specially-equipped trucks that travel to certain areas to be even closer to people with mobility issues. Coaching is provided by volunteers and staff from partner companies to encourage meetings and social interaction. And on the recruiters’ side, La Cravate Solidaire raises awareness among institutions, companies and their employees about combating discrimination in recruitment and promotes good HR practice.

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Our support

  • Multi-year partnership over 3 years (2022-2025) for the launch of 4 new branches (Marseille in 2022, Rennes in 2023)
  • Financial support (including structural costs) 
  • Skills sponsorship with the participation of employees in ‘coup de pouce’ workshops (image and HR coaching)   
  • Organisation of clothing sorting and collection sessions with Mirova employees 

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