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The climate crisis is a terrible wake-up call, but also an opportunity to regenerate and build new balances. In his documentary series Un Monde Nouveau (A New World), broadcast on Arte, environmental activist Cyril Dion suggests drawing inspiration from promising initiatives to build a shared vision.


Climate change, the loss of biodiversity and, more generally, the challenges of ecological transition are accelerating. With much of the planet potentially uninhabitable by the end of the century, there is growing environmental anxiety about our perceived inability to act given the speed and force of ecological change. Small actions are not enough to save the planet – the problem is first and foremost structural, economic and political. To better prepare for future challenges, communities need to unite and develop a new, evolving vision, focusing on promising initiatives. The climate crisis is an opportunity to reinvent ourselves by proposing new narratives. 


In the documentary trilogy Un Monde Nouveau (Fr., 2022, 3 x 52 min), co-written with Valérie Rossellini, directed by Thierry Robert and produced by Galaxie Presse, Cyril Dion travels to more than 15 countries to meet people who are trying to find solutions to the climate crisis.

In the first part, Résister (Resist), he interviews activist figures such as the Swede Andreas Malm, author of a plea for climate insurrection, and the Briton Gail Bradbrook, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion. He shows that major political choices can change the situation.

The second part, S’adapter (Adapt), focuses on the solutions offered by charismatic pioneers who have enabled their communities to overcome serious food crises or natural disasters.

And the third, Régénérer (Regenerate), explores new approaches and ways of living through large-scale initiatives to regenerate forests, soils, coral reefs, cultural practices, democracies and education.

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