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Discover ARTE’s new Guardians of the Forest documentary series, supported by Mirova Foundation

At the heart of five primary forests spanning from the Amazon basin to Oceania by way of Africa, five representatives of indigenous communities undertake to protect these green lungs by promoting reforestation combating pollution, preserving biodiversity and more… Through their sensitive eyes, this documentary series invites us to adopt their vision of the world.

Mirova Foundation supported the 5-part documentary series Gardiens de la forêt (Guardians of the Forest), co-produced by Lato Sensu productions and ARTE France, which highlights issues of forest conservation and restoration and the struggle led by indigenous peoples. 

Papua New Guinea, Time for solutions 

A tireless defender of primary forests, Papuan traditional leader Mundiya Kepanga pleaded their cause in 2017 in the documentary Frères des arbres (Brothers of the Trees). This time, with the same film crew, he travels his country far and wide to explore methods of sustainable forest management. Papua New Guinea has halted a number of concessions to exploit its natural resources. This island state in Oceania is carrying out a national inventory of its biodiversity and developing ambitious agroforestry programmes. 
Directed by Marc Dozier 

Gabon, The forest that heals 

The forest of the Congo Basin is home to the world’s largest carbon sink. Much more than a physical space, it can also represent the spiritual regeneration of humanity, provided we respect it: such is the message carried by Hilarion Kassa Moussavou, nicknamed ‘Mambongo’, an unrivalled connoisseur of the medicinal virtues of tropical vegetation. To prepare for the traditional bwiti ceremony, the Gabonese healer sets off to meet the protectors of a heritage threatened by the logging industry. 
Directed by Jérôme Bouvier 

Canada, The ancestral way 

The boreal forest of Canada’s Northwest Territories embodies ‘Mother Earth’ for the Dene Amerindian people. It is also home to oil deposits that have been exploited for a century by Exxon Mobil’s Canadian subsidiary, Imperial Oil. For the indigenous communities, safeguarding their environment goes hand in hand with defending an ancestral culture that is connected to nature. Twyla Edgi-Masuzumi, a young Amerindian activist, is leading this dual struggle within the Earth Guardians network, providing a link that spans generations. 
Directed by Mike Magidson 

Mongolia, Valley of the bears 

A vast land of forests, meadows, lakes and rivers, the Red Taiga became a protected national park in 2014. Day after day, the forestry guard Tumursukh and his team of rangers keep watch over this landscape, working to bring the wilderness back to life. Once again, deer, mouflons and the legendary snow leopard have begun to flourish here. 
Directed by Hamid Sardar 

Brazil, Replanting the Amazon 

In Cruzeiro do Sul, in the Brazilian state of Acre, a planned road link with neighbouring Peru threatens the forest ecosystem. The project is just one more problem to add to the countless ravages inflicted on the Amazon by mining, timber trafficking and intensive livestock farming. It is also in this region that Benki Piyãko, spiritual leader of the Asháninka, is uniting indigenous communities to preserve the environment. His method is to buy back hectares in order to reforest them. But the fight is by no means risk-free… 
Directed by Luc Marescot 

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