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Introducing One Degree°, the second documentary in the Riding to Explore adventure supported by the Mirova Foundation

Mirova Foundation is proud to have contributed to One Degree°, the second documentary in the Riding to Explore adventure, brought to life by committed world-class athletes Armelle Courtois and Martin Thomas. The project has been supported by the endowment fund since its creation in 2021.

A project to raise awareness of glacier melt through a human and sporting adventure

This second documentary follows the two sportsmen on a journey through the Andes and Himalayas, meeting local people and exploring the highest glacial lakes in the world, situated at altitudes of over 5,000 metres.

These lakes only exist today because of the accelerated melting of glaciers in these mountain ranges. This process is leading to the emergence of new areas of biodiversity that must be preserved.

This high mountain trek is the continuation of an approach begun in the Alps, where navigating these sentinels of the climate led the sporting duo to new and greater awareness.

The documentary will soon be shown at festivals and in cinemas.

  • 25 and 29 October at the XPLORE ALPES FESTIVAL in Bourg-Saint-Maurice
  • 5 November at the Femmes en Montagne film festival in Annecy
  • At the Banff Festival in Alberta, Canada, a world-respected venue for adventure films
  • 22 November at CGR Lattes – Montpellier
  • 23 November at the Gaumont Wilson in Toulouse
  • 24 November at Clap Ciné in Canet-en-Roussillon

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The Riding to Explore project

Mirova Foundation has been supporting the project since the realization of their first documentary ‘Sous le vent des glaciers’ shot in the Alps (end of 2020). Their objective: to combine extreme sporting challenge and environmental awareness, through documentaries and days of meetings ‘Sport for Future’ for high-level athletes (1st edition in 2022).

The first documentary highlighted the consequences of glacier retreat on climate, water resources and local populations. It is the voice of glaciologists such as Jean-Baptiste Bosson, World Heritage Officer for IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and the Ice & Life research programme on the impacts of glacier melting in the Alps, also supported by Mirova Foundation.

Beyond One Degree°, the Riding to Explore adventure is also the awareness of the world of sport and the general public with Sport for Future, a reference event in France for 2 years that brings together high-level athletes, scientists and committed personalities

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