Reading time: 3 min, Mirova Foundation and their partners unveil the 10 civil society projects from #YouthSolutions consultation

On 14 February 2023,, Mirova Foundation and their partners unveiled the Grand Cause #SolutionsJeunes (Grand Cause of Solutions for Youth) action plan in the presence of Sarah El Haïry, French Secretary of State to the Minister of the Armed Forces and the Minister of National Education and Youth, responsible for Youth and Universal National Service, as well as the project sponsors: L’Outil en main, CNAPE, Afuté, 100,000 entrepreneurs, Ma Petite Planète, Prepsy…

This action plan addresses priorities expressed by the nearly 300,000 people who took part in the consultation, conducted on the platform from 22 March through 22 May, 2022.

Jointly designed with associations, partner companies and citizens, and with the support of Accenture, this action plan is also the result of a call for projects and meetings with around a hundred organisations, which helped to identify the most relevant solutions for meeting the desires expressed by citizens.

This action plan is part of the ‘Grande Cause’ #SolutionsJeunes, co-sponsored by and Mirova Foundation. Launched alongside La Poste group, Caisse des Dépôts, Accenture, Viva Technology, MEDEF, Mouvement Impact France, in partnership with the Secretary of State for Youth and Universal National Service, the plan has received support from Schneider Electric Foundation and Natixis Foundation. Its 10 projects will be implemented and rolled out across France over the next two years by Foundation.

The 10 actions

Professional integration

  • L’outil en main (hands-on tools): Increase by 30% the number of young people introduced to manual trades, crafts and heritage through extracurricular activities led by volunteers from 243 associations in over 60 departments.
  • Yookan, révélateur d’avenir (revealing the future): Roll out mobile Yookan entities in at least 5 new regions and deploy the Yookan VR platform at scale to help young people to discover new professions and identify their soft skills through innovative and fun methods, especially incorporating virtual reality.
  • Network of Environmental Transition Schools – ÊTRE: Support and train troubled youth in the manual trades associated with environmental transition and contribute to advancing the transition through trades and skills

Health and living conditions

  • Prépsy Clic: carry out two to three times more early interventions for young people with emerging mental health problems by targeting 1.6 million people on social media.
  • LA B-ASE with CNAPE: Create an online third-place to facilitate access to rights and information in all areas (law, health, professional integration, training, etc.) for young people aged 16 to 25 who have been beneficiaries of a child protection measure, and roll out this system in a physical network throughout the country.
  • AFUTÉ: Multiply tenfold the number of young people with disabilities trained in catering (or other trades) using an innovative method: illustrated Universal Task Sheets (in French, FUTÉs) and networking with companies.

Civic life and solidarity

  • Humeco on Twitch: Assist millions of young people between the ages of 15 and 25 in understanding environmental issues thanks to the first media dedicated to this theme on Twitch.
  • Project Impact by 100,000 entrepreneurs: Introduce more than 320,000 young people each year to the spirit and appeal of entrepreneurship through interactive meetings between young people aged 13 to 25 and entrepreneurs, with a focus on the professions of the future (digitalisation/environmental transition).
  • My Little Planet Youth: Teach 250,000 young people from nursery school to secondary school about environmentally friendly practices each year thanks to classroom games consisting of environmental challenges.
  • Banking Union for the Financial Education of Young People with Dilemme CRESUS: Teach young people budgeting skills thanks to budget education workshops based on a board game. These workshops will be integrated into the range of services offered by banks to young people.