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Mirova Foundation launches a call for projects dedicated to Ocean and Climate issues, with almost half a million in funding available

Mirova Foundation, the endowment fund of Mirova, a mission-driven company specialising in sustainable finance, is launching a call for projects that targets organisations eligible for sponsorship on the theme of ‘Ocean and Climate: Transforming practices and changing behaviour’. 

At a time when only 9% of philanthropy in France is devoted to environmental issues, and as the United Nations prepares to launch the ‘Year of the Sea’ in 2024, there is an urgent need for more consolidated action to support the oceans through philanthropy. This is why, in 2024, the Mirova Foundation’s annual call for projects is dedicated to Ocean & Climate issues, focusing on three major challenges of the Ocean Decade: developing a sustainable and equitable ocean economy, increasing the community resilience to ocean hazards, and changing humanity’s relationship with the ocean. 

Anne-Claire Roux Executive Director of Mirova Foundation

The world’s oceans are central to the intertwined challenges of adaptation, combating climate change and preserving biodiversity. Providing answers to these challenges requires a mass movement that involves all of society’s members. To achieve this, we urgently need to transform our practices and change our behaviour. That’s why, in addition to the work carried out by Mirova directly, we want to support non-profits committed to these issues.

This call for projects aims to foster initiatives that have a positive impact, particularly on issues related to reef and coastal erosion, mangrove restoration, sustainable fishing and ocean acidification. Mirova Foundation supports public-interest organisations at a pivotal stage: when they are starting up or scaling up. 

The total budget available for this call for projects is €500,000, which will be awarded to support 2 to 3 project leaders over a three-year period. 

In addition to providing long-term funding, Mirova Foundation offers each grantee individual, personalised support by creating the conditions for a long-term, human partnership with the project promoters. 

The following activities will be carried out with the winners: 

  • Regular exchanges and field visits; 
  • Visibility and networking initiatives 
  • The opportunity and flexibility to freely allocate the financing received according to the needs of the organisation and/or the project(s) being carried out. 

Our threefold support offer 

  • Financial sponsorship: Mirova Foundation will provide funding of €50,000 to €100,000 per year. The amount requested for the structure or project as a whole should be between €150,000 and €300,000 in total, spread over a maximum of 3 years between 2024 and 2026; 
  • Skills sponsorship: Mirova Foundation will make available the expertise and skills of volunteer Mirova employees according to the technical needs identified by the grantee organisations (impact measurement, strengthening the economic model, fundraising or communication needs, etc.). 
  • Advocacy, visibility and networking: Wherever possible, Mirova Foundation also acts as a sounding board for project promoters, the causes they defend and the solutions they propose, by raising awareness, providing information and advocating on their behalf. 

Conditions for participation 

The details of how to apply are available in the presentation file (available in French), which can be downloaded below. 

Applications must be submitted by intention note between Wednesday 31 January and Monday 19 February 2024 at 10am CET. 

May participate: 

  • Any public-interest organisation, eligible for corporate sponsorship, whose head office is located in France or the European Union 
  • Projects may be of different kinds: the grant is for the overall non-profit association  
  • The project leader has proven experience in the relevant field, has already carried out similar actions with positive and concrete results, and has a local presence as well as a strong grasp of the context. 

Once they have read and understood the eligibility and thematic criteria set out in the presentation pack, organisations may send their completed applications before 10am on 19 February via email to the following address: 

Please note that applications may only be sent via e-mail. Any application sent by postal mail and/or not meeting the eligibility criteria will be rejected.

Learn more about the selection process and criteria

Presentation file (in French)

Presentation file (in French)

Intention note (in French)