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Supporting projects about education and preservation of marine ecosystems at the So good Festival in Marseille

Mirova Foundation has joined the Collectif des entreprises engagées, partners of the So good Festival. As such, it is supporting two associations in the area of Marseille in the fields of youth and the preservation of marine ecosystems.


So good, a socially committed and independent media group, is organising the first So good Festival in Marseille on 15 September 2023. The aim is to bring together 6,500 people at the Friche la Belle de Mai with a programme combining talks, masterclasses, workshops, stand-up comedy, artistic experiments, concerts and DJ sets. The event is entirely driven by the voices of committed artists, activists and comedians, to fuel a collective debate aimed at bringing about positive change in society.

The So good Festival has adopted a unique approach, taking a strong stand in terms of the circular economy, sustainable food, risk prevention onsite, accessibility, carbon impact, solidarity and value sharing.
As proof of this approach, the organisers have chosen to donate all proceeds from ticket sales to local non-profits and to highlight their projects.

Two key issues were foregrounded in choosing the awardee associations for the So good Festival fund:

  • youth and education, because it transforms lives, promotes equal opportunities, eradicates poverty and fosters democracy, and
  • preserving marine ecosystems, because this is a key challenge for Marseille and the surrounding region.


To provide financial support for the two chosen charities, So good Festival set up the Collectif des entreprises engagées, of which Mirova Foundation is a member. The small, medium and large companies that make up this group, whether local, regional or national, are funding the event so that proceeds from the festival’s general public ticket sales can be donated in full to select associations via the So good Festival fund. Mirova Foundation is a partner of the event’s solidarity ticketing scheme, which is helping to fund two non-profit projects focused on youth and the ocean.

In the Youth category, the project is ‘Mon terrain, Quand des jeunes basketteuses du Panier s’imposent et le racontent’ (My court, when young women basketball players from Le Panier make their mark and tell their story) has been selected. The project is spearheaded by the Juxtapoz association, working alongside the Collectif Résidence and the women basketball players of the Union Sportive du Panier de la Victoire. It’s a project designed to give a voice to young women, educate them about images and give them access to the world of culture by combining it with sport, across neighbourhoods!

In the Ocean category for the preservation of marine ecosystems, the project selected was Monnaie sauvage (savage coinage), an initiative launched by the Sauvage Méditerranée association. Eco-designed from recycled plastic, Monnaie sauvage is minted in Aix-en-Provence and helps to encourage the general public to pick up litter along the Mediterranean coast by rewarding them. In exchange for collecting waste, members of the public can then spend their Monnaie sauvage coins at partner shops in Marseille.

Key figures

Our support

  • Financial sponsorship
  • Skills sponsorship: Support for the development of the two winning associations in Youth and the Ocean call for projects
  • Promotion, visibility and networking: invitations to partner associations